Tuesday, February 25, 2014

The Movie Game 3.0: Categories!

Though my main focus right now is the Film Atlas project, during the last week or so I've also been working on a major update to the Movie Game. (Playable for free on the right-hand sidebar of this blog. If you are having trouble viewing it on a mobile device, try switching to desktop view.)

If you haven't played it yet, the rules are simple:

1. Click the "Draw Cards" button. Cards can be plots, sets, props, characters, etc.
2. Think of a movie that fits both.

It's that simple! Best if played with a group (but you can test your skill alone), taking turns and with no real point system.

Version 1.0 introduced the classical game, which is designed for everyone, even those who don't know actors or directors by name. If you've seen a few movies and have either a good memory or a bit of creativity, you'll do just find.

Version 2.0 added a bunch of options for advanced players who want cards to include specific actors and directors (like Humphrey Bogart, Jennifer Connelly or Alfred Hitchcock) either individually, in batches or in themed sets. It also introduced difficulty settings so you can play at your own level.

Version 3.0 (RELEASED TODAY) introduces CATEGORIES! When you select a category the first card is always guaranteed to fall under this general topic. Categories include Genres, Time periods, Styles, Filmcraft, Villains, Transport, Love & Death, Nature, Wardrobe & Makeup, and many more. It's not a precise science, but you'll get the idea.

Some of the categories might sound a little odd, but experiment a little and you'll find lots of fun ways to create specially themed rounds. Some of my favorites include:

  • Games - Each card in this category requires you to get another player to guess the movie you're thinking of (which still has to fit your other card), under specific rules, like playing charades, describing only the costumes, or by quoting dialog.
  • Connected - When playing using this category, each movie will be connected in some way to the last movie used as an answer. For instance, the title might be required to start with the same letter or the film may have to share a cast member or a similar plot.
  • Challenge - Challenge cards require you to think of a movie where you can remember something specific about it, like who did the music, what the poster looked like or who recommended it to you.
I've also upped the total number of cards in the main game to well over 900. Including the cast, crew and special sets there are now over 3000 cards in the movie game! The combinations are endless (well, not technically, but it's in the vicinity of 10 million).



FilmWalrus said...

Update 9/28/2014: The base game now includes over 1000 cards, bringing the combinations (even without proper names) over 1 million. This was a personal milestone I am very pleased to have reached! I've also made tons of minor tweaks and corrections, especially adjusting and expanding the categories.

Unknown said...

great :)