Sunday, April 8, 2007

Zombies Love Brains, Brains Love Tests

As a tribute to zombie odes of yore inspired by Rodriguez’s recent “Planet Terror” I’m posting a segment or a horror quiz I’ve been putting together (with much laziness). Email me your answers ( or place them in the comments section. I’m curious to see which ones people get. My own zombie knowledge is far from complete.

Match the zombie battle with the zombie movie (some answers are never used):

1) __ Zombie vs Shark
2) __ Zombie boyscout troop vs Rupert Everett
3) __ Zombie vampires vs Charlton Heston
4) __ Zombie Nazis vs Treasure hunters
5) __ Zombie shoppers vs Rival siblings
6) __ Zombies vs Guitar Wolf (rock band)
7) __ Zombies vs Barflies
8) __ Zombies vs Lawnmower
9) __ Zombies vs Vincent Price
10) __ Zombies (read: Communists) vs Wholesome Americans
11) __ Zombies vs Ninjas
12) __ Zombie morgue vs Medical student
13) __ Zombie theme park vs Organ player
14) __ Zombie sex-maniacs vs Luxury hotel guests
15) __ Zombies vs Gangsters vs Demons vs Samurai
16) __ Zombie mushrooms vs Shipwrecked yuppies
17) __ Zombies and newborn babies vs Quaint English town

a) Oasis of Zombies
b) Cemetery Man
c) 28 Days Later
d) Evil Dead series
e) Invasion of the Body Snatchers
f) Omega Man
g) Shivers
h) Last Man on Earth
i) Matango
j) Night of the Comet
k) Dead Alive
l) Night of the Living Dead
m) Re-animator
n) Mr. Vampire
o) Carnival of Souls
p) Dawn of the Dead
q) Zombie (1979)
r) Versus
s) Let Sleeping Corpses Lie
t) Shaun of the Dead
u) Wild Zero


Unknown said...

My score:


I missed a SPLICE meeting that would have given me a full score. SEE HOW IMPORTANT ATTENDANCE IS?!

Patti said...

I only have five....

4-a, 6-u, 10-e, 15-r, 16-i

And I haven't even seen Versus. But I know.