Saturday, February 24, 2007

Urban Blight Videogame

A couple weekends ago I abandoned my homework and social life and dedicated several consecutive days to a flurry of programming. The result is Urban Blight, an urban planning and development videogame in the vein of classics like SimCity and Civilization.

I am attempting my first online distribution of game and so the zip file is available by clicking the link below.

Urban Blight

The game is a turn-based overhead strategy game on a grid that can be played multi-player or single (you'll have to keep track of records yourself for now). My hope is that players can figure out the gameplay by left-clicking and right-clicking around and experimenting. The tab control in the bottom right will help a lot. If you need more help go to the "Game" tab and press the "Hint" button. A random gameplay hint is generated each time. Contact me or leave a comment if further or specific help is needed.

Please keep in mind that this is version 1.0 and that there may be bugs and typos. Currently there is a problem with my visual themes so the interface is a bit ugly. I hope the game will be enjoyed anyway. Please email me or post a comment if you find any bugs are have any suggestions.


Patti said...

Dude, you have to have infragistics installed to run it, and I don't on this computer. Maybe that's good, since I'm supposed to be doing important things right now.

FilmWalrus said...

I've made it so that the link now lets you download a zip file with the necessary dlls. Total pain that Infragistics can't set something up to pack them automatically. It will run now but it probably won't support my themes so it might look ugly. Let me know how it goes.

Unknown said...

Everything worked like a charm. One player was cool, but I suck less at two-player. That way I can copy off you, see?