Friday, February 2, 2007

100 Favorites

My Top 100 Favorite Movies
Warnings: Personal Choice, Roughly Ordered, No Criteria, Subject to Change
Last Updated 1/27/08 (now with links to reviews!)

Apocalypse Now
A Zed and Two Noughts
The Godfather Trilogy
Royal Tennenbaums
Citizen Kane
The Conformist
2001: A Space Odyssey
Possession (1981)
Blade Runner
Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid
The Matrix
Spirited Away
Pulp Fiction
Silence of the Lambs
The Sting
Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon
The Saddest Music in the World
Dark City
Run Lola Run
Barton Fink
Saving Private Ryan
City of Lost Children
?Bridge Over the River Kwai
Once Upon a Time in the West
Deep Red
Blood Simple
Monty Python and the Holy Grail
Kill Bill I/II
Who Framed Roger Rabbit
The Element of Crime
El Topo
Olivier, Olivier
Adventures of Baron Von Munchausen
Dr. Strangelove
Out of the Past
Harold and Maude
Miller’s Crossing
LA Confidential
The Saragossa Manuscript
?Treasure of the Sierra Madre
Raging Bull
Chungking Express
No Country for Old Men
Aguirre: The Wrath of God
The Big Sleep
?The Prestige
Fight Club
Nightmare Before Christmas
Dog Day Afternoon
Mulholland Drive
Rocky Horror Picture Show
Pan's Labyrinth
Touch of Evil
Millennium Actress
Night and the City
Last Year in Marienbad
Indiana Jones Trilogy
City of God
Memories of Murder
Donnie Darko
Quiz Show
?Picnic at Hanging Rock
?Woman in the Dunes
Kiss Kiss Bang Bang
?12 Angry Men
Moulin Rouge
Star Wars Trilogy (IV-VI)
A Very Long Engagement
River’s Edge
Yi Yi
Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
Death Race 2000
Talking Head
*Chan-wook's Revenge Trilogy
Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street (2007)
*Rear Window
The Usual Suspects
Yellow Submarine
*Branded to Kill
*Alice in Wonderland (1951)
Sixth Sense
The Long Good Friday
The Apartment

? Needs Rewatch
* Borderline case


Patti said...

Hey Mädchen. I would love to see "Shapes on a Plane" whenever you manage to get a hold of it, which I assume will be instantaneous. I'd comment on your 2006 film reviews, but I think we already talked a bit about them when you first showed me them, and anyway it'd just make me what to cry for the large number I didn't see. Also, I'm glad that I've seen a fair number of you top 100s, but then again, most of them I saw in your presence or due to your direct influence. Huh.

Mad Dog said...

Interesting that you have Kill Bill Part 1 separated from Part 2. Any particular failure on its part that made you drop it? Personally, I think both parts work best when put together, because while Part 1 is all flash and violence and style, Part 2 has most of the characterization and backstory that makes the movie work so well. The Bride is pretty much one-dimensional in Part 1 but learning how she was betrayed and seeing her in a functional (?) relationship with Bill in Part 2 really gives you a deeper connection to her. Also, I think most of the really stand-out performances are in Part 2. The look on Uma's face when she finds out her daughter's alive is priceless.

FilmWalrus said...

Fair enough, mad dog. I added Kill Bill back when I was choosing one film from any series as the representative. I do think I prefer it but I agree that they work best together. I later changed the criteria to allow trilogies. No reason why I shouldn't allow duologies (?). I'll edit the post. By the way, have you watched "The Bride Wore Black" or "Lady Snowblood" yet? You can clearly see their marks on Kill Bill.

Mad Dog said...

I've seen Lady Snowblood erroneously put in the anime sections of many Best Buys, where the packaging declares (I think) its influence on Kill Bill. (Oddly enough, Kagemusha is also usually put in the anime section by Best Buy.) But I think I'm more psyched to see Lady Vengeance than Lady Snowblood at the moment. :)

Unknown said...

You know I like a lot of the movies you have on there. Good choices :)

jim vacek said...

lists are made to be discussed and agrred or disagreed with, the fun is figuring out what makes the list-maker lay out their choices, and matching these proclivities with one's own preferences. a great life's work would be to redo the lists every 5 years or so, and then examine what leads to changes. i've ordered kill bill 2 from netflix, even though the enthusiasm for it seems generally much less than for part 1

Anonymous said...

Some truly exquisite choices on here. And refreshingly diverse. And there's maybe 30 or so on here I've never seen; always glad to get new directions. I'm in the process of figuring out my own top-100, though I might have to stretch it as far as 127... ah, lists are fun.

two things:

a) I really enjoy your reviews; they are several notches above most of the other film/filmish blogs I frequent. But I'll single out your "Possession" review - it's spot on! I have been keeping a list of everything I've watched this year, (just a list really, not reviews) and I remembered that I had to quote your review in my little post for that film last month. (I had some mixed feelings at first, but just had my first repeat viewing and, well... I no longer do. If you keep tabs of yourself-on-the-web, the quoted bit is here:

b), I feel completely left out on the "Pan's Labyrinth" front. I admit I owe it a re-watch, but that flick just didn't DO it for me, and sometimes I think I'm the only one. It feels like being the last person left on Earth...

Thanks for the writings. Much enjoyed.

FilmWalrus said...


Many thanks for the praise! Sorry I haven't updated the top 100 recently. I try not to be "that guy" whose favorite movie is always the last thing he saw, but I do fiddle with it fairly often and reevaluate things. Nowadays the really scary project that I sink my time into has been my top 1000, but that's still in my secret lair.

a) Possession is definitely one of those films that I can never stop gushing about. I made myself approach the post as if it were a college essay (but less serious) and spent lots of time on it and still didn't cover everything I wanted to. I wish I was up to that more often, but what can you do? I'm quite glad to hear you liked it!

b) I wouldn't sweat too much about Pan's Labyrinth, but I understand the frustration. If there's one thing worse than loving a movie everyone else trashes, it's not loving a film everyone else acclaims. My "Let's Just Be Friends" tag is for directors whom I 'm so embarrassed about not liking, I felt the need to work out my feeling confessional style!

Anyway, cheers! I'm going to check out your site more tomorrow.