Friday, November 21, 2008

Film Walrus Issues Required Reading

I’d like to issue two hardy welcomes to a couple of new bloggers who I know from the fleshosphere.

Fellow WashU film student Exactly Why shares my passion for film in general, and noir and horror specifically. Her comments have often appeared on the Film Walrus and our discussions have helped shape my ideas on cinema. Most recently, she joined me for a weekend of SLIFF fun. Her new blog, “Why Film, Exactly?” will no doubt benefit from her wide-ranging film taste, talented writing skills and training in Classics.

Meanwhile, my older sister Meredith has entered the blog arena with The Czech, a diverse social issues blog. Along with my brother’s music review blog, this puts half my family in the blogosphere and allows us to cover most of everything that is interesting on the internet.

It’s probably no coincidence that my sister’s blog is named after our most important heritage. Czech culture is replete with superlative achievements ranging from our cinematic new wave to our bridges and spires.

Our shadowy-puppetmaster role on the global political-economic stage is a testament both the greatness and subtlety of Czechs. The nonexistence of negative Czech stereotypes (sorry Poland) is one clear indicator that we’ve been successful at our insidious campaign. One of Wim Wenders’ characters in “Kings of the Road” assesses the impact of America on Germany by saying “The Yanks have colonized our subconscious.” Well the counterrevolution has come and gone: the Czechs have invaded your unconscious. If all goes according to plan, no one will even realize that power has changed hands. I can literally announce it on The Film Walrus and you’ll probably remain complacent.

But enough fun, we didn’t orchestrate this coup just to gloat. I must now command you to add reading these new blogs to your standing orders of working, consuming and reproducing. And don’t you drones have some droning you should be doing, too?


Mad Dog said...

As long as it's not the Portuguese.

Molly said...

Cheers! Thanks for the shameless plug.

FilmWalrus said...

Mad Dog,

Impressive memory! They were, obviously, our biggest rivals for behind-the-curtains world control. There were a lot of other convoluted conspiracies to win our mantle, too, but you'll have to wait until Metal Gear Solid 5 to hear about those.

Patti said...

I've decided to change my middle name to Ladislav.

Thanks for the plug. I love meta-blogging terms, and I probably like Czech culture yet more.

Unknown said...

I’ve been a subscriber to The Walrus since the first issue. Some issues are better than others, which I suppose can be said about any magazine, but when it is good, it can be very good. I subscribe not only because it’s a nice and welcome package of good reading that shows up at my door once a month, but because I’m one of those people who will occasionally put my money where my mouth is.
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Anonymous said...

Wow, thanks for the ups. I will closely monitor my blogstats for every click-over that comes from the Film Walrus, and donate 5 cents for each.


I thought it was a little early to announce our plans for a Czech shadow world government, but I respect your judgment.

The Czechs have a lot to offer the world, and my blog is just one example. Hopefully I do our people proud.

Pat, are you really changing your middle name? Good choice. Keep up traditions.

Patti said...

I'd really like to, but it's unofficial right now. Maybe I should anounce my decision and see what reactions I get.