Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Movies with Colors in Their Titles

I've made three more film quizzes for you to take over at Sporcle, this time based around a color theme:

Warm colors:

Cool colors:


There are about 60 films in each.


Oh, and keep me updated on your scores in the comment section (for bragging rights). I think the previous set was brutally hard (intensionally), but I expect people will do better on this batch.


The Mysterious Ad[ri.an B)e;ta]m.a.x. said...

i got 62 out of 62 on the first one.! But now I can waste no more time. But it was fun, thanks for creating it.

FilmWalrus said...

Nice work! I'm pretty sure that's the record.

The Mysterious Ad[ri.an B)e;ta]m.a.x. said...

Slight typo, I meant 62 out of 64... I missed the western musical which I've forgotten the title of already and the Laughton "Red" one.